Dragon Age: Origins

A streamer is using Dragon Age to teach psychology

The licensed therapist picks apart the dialogue and motives from some of our favourite characters.

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Nowadays, as well as being a place where you can go to watch entertaining streams, Twitch has also become a platform full of streamers trying to hand out life advice. While very few are qualified to do so, one Twitch streamer, known as Dr. Mick, is actually a licensed therapist.

Dr. Mick has played through plenty of games, analysing their characters as a therapist would and informing his viewers of how they can better improve their relationships with these characters. He's gone through Mass Effect, Red Dead Redemption 2, Grand Theft Auto V, and The Last of Us, but most recently he's returned to Dragon Age.

Speaking with PC Gamer, Dr. Mick said "Dragon Age probably has the best content for me to dissect of all the games I've played so far." When he's playing through a game, Dr. Mick will explain each dialogue choice he makes, but sometimes his analysis can backfire. At these points, where he finds himself antagonising a character, he doesn't reload a save or try to backpedal. "The run is the run," he explained. "I always accept the consequences of the decisions I make in the game because that's how real life works."

It is interesting to see the perspective of a licensed therapist on games that require you to build strong relationships with your comrades. After watching Dr. Mick, perhaps it's time you loaded back into a game like Mass Effect to see if you could score the romance or bromance you've always wanted.

Thanks, PC Gamer.

Dragon Age: Origins

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