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A North American Animal Pack has been revealed for Planet Zoo

With the pack, players can add American beavers, arctic foxes, and cougars to their zoos.

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At this point, Planet Zoo has pretty much explored the entire world bringing us animal packs for regions such as Africa, Australia, and Southeast Asia. The latest destination that the simulator is planning to take us to is North America, as a pack based on the region is planned to release October 4 and will cost £7.99/ €9.99.

The North America pack features eight new animals that have been long-requested by fans. Included here are arctic foxes, Californian sea lions, American beavers, black-tailed prairie dogs, American alligators, mooses, American bullfrogs, and cougars. Along with these animals, a brand-new timed scenario will be featured that tasks players with transforming a small zoo located within the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Five new animal enrichment items are also making their debut and these are the Beaver Pool, Pronghorn Piñata, Skittle Feeder, Melon Feeder, and Underwater Plant Feeder.

You can take a look at the reveal trailer for the North American pack above.

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