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The Golf Club 2

A new trailer provides a closer look at The Golf Club 2

Maximum Games is getting ready for E3 and game launch.

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We suspect you haven't heard too much about the developer HB Studios, as 2014's The Golf Club didn't get the warmest of receptions, and last winter they didn't leave a lasting impression with their snowboarding game Mark McMorris: Infinite Air. This hasn't discouraged the studio from making a sequel to The Golf Club, though, and on June 27 we'll get to tee off in the new chapter.

Maximum Games is rigging their booth at E3 as we speak, but that doesn't mean they've forgotten about all of you who aren't able to attend. This week they released a rather extensive look at The Golf Club 2 via a trailer, and it shows most of what's new in the upcoming game.

You can find the trailer down below, and if you're wondering what platforms you can tee off on, The Golf Club 2 is coming to PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Was the first game underrated?

The Golf Club 2The Golf Club 2The Golf Club 2
The Golf Club 2
The Golf Club 2The Golf Club 2

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