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The Bureau: Xcom Declassified

2K removes Xcom references online

Could possibly resurface as something else...

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Following the successful reboot of the Xcom franchise with Xcom: Enemy Unknown from Firaxis, it's easy to forget that another Xcom game (simply called Xcom) was announced well before Firaxis' strategy effort. The shooter was first shown at E3 2010, then again in a reshaped version in 2011, but not last year, something that gave cause for rumours - however, as late as this October 2K reaffirmed the game was still in development.

The Bureau: Xcom Declassified

Digital Trends have spotted that 2K have removed the game from (that also hosts the Enemy Unknown site), and while there's still a product page on - the trailers for the game have been removed from the official 2K Games Youtube channel.

Last month EGM reported on a rumour that the game had been rebranded "The Bureau" (which sounds a bit dull, but could very well be true). Reports from Kotaku state that the game could now be a third based squad based affair instead of the first person shooter we last saw.


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