Expeditions: Viking

20 minutes of gameplay from Expeditions: Viking

We sit down with Logic Artists for a look at the upcoming strategy-RPG.

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We sat down for a presentation / chat about Logic Artists' upcoming turn-based strategy RPG Expeditions: Viking and got a taste of just how brutal the life of a Viking can be (at least if you're going for a ranged build).

The presentation started out with a look at the character creation options, and continued on with some of the very beginning of the game where you're taking over the leadership of the clan. We're also treated to an interesting situation later on in the game where you're challenged for the leadership of the clan through a duel of three shields, the outcome of the duel and the choices you make have major impact on the story and this is one of several such branching events in the game.

Expeditions: Viking

Expedition: Viking is due out later this year on PC.

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