Zombie Army 4: Dead War

Zombie Army 4 offers the new adventure Ragnarök

A new campaign to play through and plenty of cosmetics awaits you...

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If you love Zombie Army 4: Dead War and want to kill more undead, Rebellion has you covered. They have now released The Ragnarök Campaign & Character pack (priced £12.99 / €14.99) which adds a two-part campaign called Ragnarök, in which you have to stop this mysterious project before it annihilates the world. There's also plenty of new cosmetics.

Check out the trailer for Ragnarök below and further down is a list of everything included with The Ragnarök Campaign & Character pack.


Included in the Ragnarök Campaign & Character Pack:
• Ragnarök Campaign - Parts I & II
• Future Karl Outfit
• 2 Hats for Karl (Robot Eye + Ballistic Helmet)
• Marie Lounge Singer Outfit
• 2 Hats for Marie (Tilt Hat + Quick Disguise Kit)
• Josiah Detective Outfit
• 2 Hats for Josiah (Detective Fedora + Sunglasses)

Zombie Army 4: Dead War

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