You can now properly rage quit in Fortnite

New animation added to Fortnite has the players' character smash a controller and it seems like an excellent way of showing one's frustration.

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Who here plays competitive multiplayer frequently while never having rage quit a game, please raise your hand? Well, we didn't raise our hand, as we have rage quit games before, and in rare cases, we've even smashed our controller to the ground in frustration. It ain't pretty, and it ain't logical, but it's funny to look at from the outside.

Epic seems to think so to, as they have now released a new "Rage Quit" animation players can get in Fortnite's store. The animation even includes a controller, that the character throws violently to the ground, stomps, and kicks. If you have to do it, might as well do the animation instead of the real thing, right?

You can check the rage quit animation here.


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