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Win! Exclusive Resogun artwork

Best our online leaderboard and walk away with a print from Housemarque.

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If you tuned into our recent GRTV Live PS4 stream, you'll remember we threw down the gauntlet to Resogun players, challenging them to best our personal Leaderboard in the next few weeks for the chance to walk away with a cool prize.

You can see exactly what that is below - an artwork print from game creator Housemarque. We've one of these to give away to whoever is sitting on top of our Friends Leaderboard come December 20th when we check the high-score table.

To be in with a chance, simply add us as a friend on PS4 (search for "GamereactorLive"), and start getting good at the game's Arcade mode on Experienced. We'll check the high-score tables at 3pm GMT on December 20th (Friday) - right at the start of our GRTV Live stream that day, so make sure to bookmark the GRTV Live page so you can check in and see if you've won (or how badly you got beaten on the boards).

Good luck!


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