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Wii U lets you "revel in violence and sex"

Well, if you live in Norway it does...

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Nintendo's Norwegian website is kicking it up a notch in time for Christmas, and they do so by telling us why the Wii U console is worth a look. We don't disagree with that, but we're somewhat puzzled by the description. At least parts of it (translated for your pleasure):

... and games for grown-up children
Children friendly PEGI 3 games are not the only thing available for Wii U, you'll also find titles for older players that want to revel in violence and sex (play it on the Wii U GamePad instead of on the TV to spare innocent eyes)!

This sounds like a rushed translation job made before Christmas if you ask us, but we're not going to judge...


It's hardly a surprise, but someone at Nintendo HQ has updated the text on their website following the above report. Here's what it says now:

<i>The Wii U doesn't only have PEGI 3 games, several titles are exclusively meant for an adult audience!</b>

Bayonetta 2

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