While Waiting

While Waiting explores the art of doing nothing

Experience over 100 situations across an entire lifetime.

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The world seems to never stop moving these days. We're always busy and it can be a challenge to appreciate and live in the moment. Thankfully, developer Optillusion Games is attempting to teach the importance of waiting and the art of doing literally nothing.

This is all in the upcoming title While Waiting. It's an adventure game that takes players through over 100 situations that span an entire lifetime, from birth to death. Each is designed to offer a slate of different perspectives on the moments we spend waiting, and are built to encourage inactivity.

We're told that the aim is to deliver a meditative journey that focuses on the "beauty of life's journey", and that each of the various situations offer hidden secrets and discoveries to find, all while having comedic and serious tones to match the duality of life's moments.

While Waiting is expected to make its debut on PC and mobile devices sometime in 2025, and you can see the reveal trailer for the game below.

While Waiting
While WaitingWhile Waiting
While WaitingWhile Waiting

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