Wester: "Grand strategy on tablets hopefully within 1-1.5 years"

Paradox CEO wants to play his big titles when he's on the road.

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Grand strategy enthusiast and editor-in-chief Mike Holmes caught up with Paradox Interactive's CEO Fredrik Wester at the recent MGF (Mobile Games Forum) in London. Wester was there to talk about building a community, something Paradox have been very successful with, but so far the studio and publisher hasn't done much on mobile, but that may be about to change.

"The truth is that we do have some ideas and plans for [grand strategy on mobile], it's just that we're doing really well on PC so we haven't really figured out everything yet. Hopefully, sooner or later, because our games fit really well with the format of the input device of touch screens. Hopefully within the coming year or one and a half years we're going to see at least an embryo of what a grand strategy game could look like on a mobile device. But I'm not really sure yet, but that's what I hope. Because I'm a grand strategy player myself and I want to play on my tablet when I travel."

Paradox are looking both at bringing existing IP (Crusader Kings, Europa Universalis, Stellaris) and new IP into the mobile space.

Wester also revealed they are looking at companion apps and similar to extend the experiences of their big games onto tablets.

Speaking about the current year and its line-up Wester mentioned the two announced grand strategy games coming from their internal studio, Hearts of Iron IV and Stellaris, but he did also mention upcoming announcement and with regards to White Wolf properties allegiances are being forged, but it's still early days.

"We have a few other projects [for 2016] that we haven't announced yet, And we're also looking at some key partnerships with some really big developers as well."

Even if Stellaris has yet to launch on PC it's a concept Paradox are looking at with mobile in mind.

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