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We talk to Motiga about Gigantic

Heading to Windows 10 and Xbox One later this year.

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We caught up with Motiga's creative director James Phinney at GDC soon after the partnership with Microsoft that will see MOBA shooter Gigantic head to Windows 10 and Xbox One.

"Gigantic is a competitive online game," says Phinney. "It's 5 versus 5 unique heroes that have different sets of abilities that are actually designed for players who come from different gaming backgrounds. Whether you want a shooter character, a brawler character, whether you want interesting skill interaction and RPG, whether you want support or damage. The game also features these massive creatures called Guardians. And the objective of the game is to kill the enemy Guardian."


"We've been working on the game as a PC game for a little while now," says Phinney of the partnership with Microsoft will see the game come to Xbox One. "We've done a little bit with controller just for fun, because it was sort of easy to map the controls to that. But there's a lot of work to really tune that right."

Gigantic players will be able to play on one account across Windows and PC, but Phinney is unsure whether they'll open it up to cross-platform play given it's a competitive game and the playing field isn't even between PC and console.

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