Fear the Wolves

We Fear the Wolves on today's livestream

How can this battle royale stack up against the others?

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Battle royale, you might have heard of it? It's a genre that throws a bunch of people into a map and pits them all against each other until only one winner remains (or team, if that's your fancy), and now Vostok Games is bringing ex-Stalker developers into this field with their game Fear the Wolves.

We're getting into the battle royale spirit once again to see what Fear the Wolves is like for ourselves, so if you want to see how we fare in the early access game, be sure to head on over to our live page from 15:00 BST (16:00 CEST), where we'll be trying our hardest to taste sweet victory.

Fear the Wolves

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Fear the Wolves

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"It could have done with a bit more spit and polish, but Vostok has built a battle royale that dares to be a bit different."

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