Dark Souls: Remastered

We explore Dark Souls: Remastered on today's steam

From the game's opening through to Undead Burg and beyond.

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Dark Souls: Remastered is coming on May 25, ready to brutalise us some more with incredible difficulty, but it's not just about how hard it is, because the original rightly received a lot of praise for its interconnected sprawling world, dark and heavy atmosphere, and satisfying combat, all of which returns with more polish this month.

We have the full game at our fingertips right now, and on today's stream we'll be taking you through a hand-picked portion of the game on PS4 to give you a taste of how it looks and plays win this new version, which will include the game's opening and then a trip through Undead Burg and beyond.

If this sounds like a treat for your eyes then be sure to head over to our live page from 15:00 BST (16:00 CEST) where Dark Souls superfan Sam will be playing through the game, talking about it, and perhaps even dying (we expect) for two hours.

Dark Souls: Remastered

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