Blizzard Arcade Collection

Two new games have been added to the Blizzard Arcade Collection

The price tag, luckily, still remains the same.

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Whilst we did really enjoy the Blizzard Arcade Collection when it launched back in February, one of our criticisms was that it didn't contain two of the company's 16-bit-era titles. That criticism is no longer valid, however, as a new update for the collection adds both games: RPM Racing and The Lost Vikings 2. What is great is that this is update absolutely free for those who have purchased the collection and its price tag hasn't risen as a result.

If you're unware, RPM Racing was the studio's first venture into the racing genre back in 1991. It didn't receive the most glowing reviews, but it's still a great insight into the studio's earlier work. The Losing Vikings 2 was, of course, a follow up to The Lost Vikings which released in 1997. This sequel is notable is it adds two new playable characters, as well as modified abilities for the original trio (Erik, Olaf, and Baleog).

You can read our original (and now outdated) review of the collection here.

Blizzard Arcade Collection

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