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Last week, we reported when EA Access subscribers will be able to get their headstart with Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2, UFC 2 and the Swedish indie sensation Unravel. It turns out we'll get to play the game five days early, February 4th, with EA Access - but there is a catch.

Usually, EA Access grants 10 hours of free gaming, but Unravel doesn't last that long if you just rush through it, so Coldwood Interactive and EA has found a sollution. You'll still get get your 10 hours, but only the first two stages. According to EA, they take around two hours to finish without finding and doing all there is to discover. So by playing them many times, you'll have a chance of unlocking everything.

When Unravel releases, you'll get to keep your save file and as usual, EA Access subscribers also get a discount of 10% if they decide to buy the game.


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