Twin Mirror

Twin Mirror is set to invade your mind palace this December

A new gameplay trailer looks into journalist Sam Higgs' brain and reveals the game's launch date.

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Twin Mirror made a welcoming comeback this summer after it developers went completely silent in 2019. Today, Dontnod and Shibuya Productions confirmed the game's expected release date, and it's not too far off.

That's because on December 1 the third-person adventure will take us to the small town of Basswood, where protagonist Sam Higgs will have to say goodbye to an old friend. However, while he is taking a trip down memory lane, Sam's own past will catch up on him, bringing new troubles.

To unravel the truth Sam will have to rely on his gift of deduction, but if he doesn't get any further on his own, his double, which only he can see, helps him out, too. The so-called Mind Palace, an interactive environment in which he can replay memories and organise his thoughts, will also be extremely helpful in this modern 3D adventure.

Our colleague Fabrizia has already touched upon these and other gameplay aspects in our preview from a few weeks ago. The new video below offers further insight into these mechanics.

Twin MirrorTwin Mirror

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