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      Twin Mirror

      Twin Mirror is now available on Steam

      The narrative thriller from Dontnod has come to Valve's platform after a stint as an Epic Games Store exclusive.

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      The French studio Dontnod Entertainment has officially brought its narrative thriller Twin Mirror to Steam, after the title originally launched as a PC Epic Games Store exclusive last December.

      Based around the character of Sam Higgs, this tale sees the protagonist returning to his hometown of Basswood to confront his and the town's troubled past, only to be caught up in a web of mystery and intrigue, where only his ex-investigative journalist skills will help him unravel the bizarre circumstances that he has discovered.

      If you haven't had a chance to check out this narrative-heavy tale, as of now, you can pick up the game on Steam (for a 50% discounted price over the game's first two-weeks on the platform). Likewise, Dontnod has also made Twin Mirror's soundtrack available for digital purchase/streaming on various music streaming services, if you fancy adding the title's tracklist to your playlists.

      Be sure to take a look at Twin Mirror's Steam release trailer below, as well as reading our review on the game, from when it originally launched last year.

      Twin Mirror

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