Tricia Helfer would love to work in games again

The Battlestar Galctica actress also revealed to Gamereactor her favourite is between Sarah Kerrigan from Starcraft II and EDI from Mass Effect.

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Most people know Tricia Helfer as Number Six from the most recent version of the Battlestar Galactica show. Others might know her as Lucifer's mother in the show Lucifer, but for us, Tricia Helfer will always be Sarah Kerrigan from the StarCraft II trilogy, and EDI from Mass Effect 2 and 3.

During a panel at Comic-Con Portugal, we asked her about the process of working in those two iconic sagas, and which of the two characters was her favorite. Helfer was very clear about Sarah Kerrigan, aka Queen of Blades, being the favourite of the two, and while she did say she had fun with EDI, the process was more streamlined, and her job was limited to reading loose sentences in a booth.

For StarCraft II, however, the process was a lot more open and collaborative, and they even recorded her face while she was on the booth. The fact that Kerrigan goes through such a hard journey in the trilogy, incorporating the roles of lover, savior, and villain, was also important for the character to leave its mark with Tricia.

Still, she also remembered fondly the bickering between Joker and EDI in Mass Effect, as those two had a really weird and funny relationship in Mass Effect 3.

As for working with games again, Tricia Helfer confessed she would love to.

What's your favourite role of hers?

Tricia Helfer would love to work in games again
Tricia Helfer would love to work in games againTricia Helfer would love to work in games again

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