Dungeon Defenders II

Trendy on defending towers in Dungeon Defenders II

We find out what sets this ARPG tower defence hybrid apart.

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Associate producer Tim Shannon tells us more about Trendy's in-development sequel, Dungeon Defenders II.

"It's like a hybrid tower defence and action-RPG game," Shannon explained to us at E3. "There's an objective that you're trying to defend - it's a crystal - and you're going to be building towers to help yourself defend it, but also your heroes going to be a lot involved in the action too; jumping around, hacking and slashing, casting abilities, all that kind of stuff."

One key difference between this game and some others from the same genre is that your enemies can attack your towers.

"Unlike a lot of other tower defence games where you're just trying to kill them before they run by you, this one it's like head to head, Shannon said. "So you've got to make sure that you keep your towers alive and you have a good strategy for how you're going to be circulating through the map, and repairing your towers and upgrading them so that they don't get overrun."

Shannon then explained to us a bit about the four different classes, and how they'll work together: "We've tried to make the game be like a four-player co-operative experience, so all of these towers interact with each other and there's all kinds of different ways that you can get them to do bonus damage with each other."

As confirmed by Shannon during the interview, Dungeon Defenders II is currently in Early Access on Steam, and will be heading into beta on PlayStation 4 later this year, with a view to launching both versions sometime next year.

Dungeon Defenders IIDungeon Defenders IIDungeon Defenders II

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