Trackmania Turbo

Trackmania Turbo is heading to consoles

Generator means never ending supply of tracks to race on.

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Ubisoft's crazy racing series, Trackmania, is making the leap from PC to consoles, it was revealed tonight. Trackmania Turbo comes from a series that has built up a solid community over the years thanks to huge amounts of player-generated content and great editing facilities. Ubi developers Tommy François and François Alaux took to the stage to reveal a huge number of tracks - 200 - but most exciting of all, there's to be procedurally generated content - in essence that means infinite tracks to race on. We'll update you with more details - and a trailer - when we have them.

Trackmania Turbo
Trackmania TurboTrackmania Turbo
Trackmania Turbo
Trackmania TurboTrackmania TurboTrackmania Turbo
Trackmania TurboTrackmania Turbo

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