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Overwatch 2

Tracer's damage bug will not see the character disabled in Overwatch 2 says game director

According to Aaron Keller, her "overall power level has been ok."

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If you've played Overwatch 2 over the past few days, you may have noticed that Tracer has been experiencing a bit of a bug. The character no longer has damage drop off below 20 metres, meaning she can deal tons of damage without needing to get even marginally as close as she used to before.

Some eagle eyed fans noticed this and reported it on Reddit and assumed that this would result in the character soon being disabled like other characters that have had serious bugs (Mei, Bastion, Torbjorn). Fortunately, this won't be the case, as game director Aaron Keller has stated in a reply on Reddit.

"Hi all. We're currently investigating and planning to address this bug in a future patch. However, this has seemingly been in the game for the last few builds(we just verified it in the Halloween patch), and while the sharp damage drop off for Tracer is definitely a bug, her overall power level has been ok. We are not planning to disable Tracer, and when we fix the bug, we will also look at additional changes to her kit to compensate."

As for what these changes to Tracer's kit will be remains unclear, but no doubt we'll hear more about them for Season 2 when it arrives in early December.

Overwatch 2

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