Sonic Colours

Three Sonic games in 2011

Sega confirms more hedgehog fun

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Sega are preparing to announce three games starring Sonic the Hedgehog in early 2011. This was confirmed by Sega's head of marketing Alan Pritchard in an interview with Game Informer recently.

Pritchard admited that the quality of recent Sonic titles hasn't always been the desired one, perhaps most evident in Sonic Free Riders for Kinect. Or in Pritchard's words: "Free Riders was really about being a part of the launch of Kinect."

Sonic Colours, however, was the first main Sonic titles in quite a while to come in with good scores:

"That's had some high scores. It's also the highest pre-selling pure Sonic title we've had ever. That's a good indication. With the quality of the game, we're confident of that. That's our pure platforming Sonic."

Hopefully there is more of that pure platforming Sonic on the way.

Sonic Colours

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