Anno 1800

Three more expansions planned for Anno 1800 in 2020

A second Season Pass is on its way as over one million players have bought Ubisoft's latest strategy game.

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The future of Anno 1800 will include three more expansions, all of which will be launched later this year. Ubisoft gave us an overview of three additional add-ons in a livestream yesterday afternoon when the publisher announced a truckload of new content to attract even more players.

As early as March 24, Seat of Power will be available on the PC (Epic Games Store, Uplay) and, above all, will beautify the bureaucratic aspects of the game. The DLC introduces government buildings to Anno 1800, which should allow us to have more efficient production lines.

Bright Harvest, on the other hand, turns the city builder into a farming sim, since advanced players can have farmers cultivate their fields with tractors, with the expansion coming sometime this summer.

Finally, Land of Lions takes us to the savannah, where we have to work with a "controversial ruler" to try out an irrigation system and make the desert bloom.

Ubisoft also told us that Anno 1800 has now been picked up by over one million players, which was certainly one of the reasons why Blue Byte Mainz continues to work on the game. Next weekend (from March 12 to March 15) newcomers can take part in another free weekend, with the co-op mode and the first three economy stages playable in this trial version. You can read more about the content coming to game right here.

Anno 1800
Anno 1800Anno 1800Anno 1800
Anno 1800Anno 1800Anno 1800

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