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Get Even

The writers of Get Even discuss its mysterious story

"You're going to sit and play and not know what comes next."

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Get Even co-writers Iain Sharkey and Stephen Long joined us ahead of the launch of the game to talk about its mysterious and intriguing story. While it mightn't be for everyone (for what it's worth, we liked it), and it's certainly not a game that pulls its intellectual punches, with lots of layers for players to peel back and contemplate.

With such a complicated and nuanced story, we wondered what it had been like for them as writers when it came to pitching the story to the game-playing public.

"It was a real challenge," Stephen Long told us, "especially in the marketing of it, because we were tasked with writing some trailers that were of the world and revealed stuff about the game but didn't reveal anything about the story. So we wrote a bunch of trailers that fit somewhere in the timeline in the game but don't give any of the main narrative away. Although if you go back and watch them after you've completed the game, they will kind of make a bit more sense."


"But what's great is that there are so many games now that you watch a trailer, or there's so much coverage before they come out, that everything spoils. And again, it's the same with movies," Iain Sharkey said, reinforcing his colleague's point.

"I think it's kind of fresh to have something that you're going to sit and play and not know what comes next. And that's something I think that Farm are keen to pursue, Bandai Namco are definitely keen to pursue, as were we, because I think we put in so much work to it, to then have this mystery story revealed I think it would sort of killed it. But everyone was behind it, and like I said, even after today and seeing the presentation, you probably still don't know what it's about, which is from our point of view really good."

Check out the full interview above, and we've added the game's launch trailer below.

Get EvenGet EvenGet Even

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