Anno 1800

The Passage is Anno 1800's third DLC

We have a brand new trailer for the expansion, adding plenty of new content to Ubisoft's strategy title.

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Ubisoft has revealed with a brand new trailer that Anno 1800's The Passage DLC has landed in the strategy game, letting players try out the third expansion, either as a one-off purchase or as part of the season pass.

This is the largest content drop for Anno 1800 to date, and newbies can even try Anno 1800 for free until December 18 via the Epic Games Store, so you can see if the long-running franchise is for you.

You can build arctic outposts and airships to speed up trade in The Passage, and there are new Explorer and Technician residential tiers. Arctic trade goods are also coming in with this DLC, and there's a heating system to make sure your people don't freeze, a little like Frostpunk.

Overall there are two new citizen tiers, a new airship system, 32 new buildings, seven new production chains, 13 new production goods, 60 new quests, and 80 fresh items, so there's plenty to see.

On top of all of this there's also an update adding a co-op mode letting players work together, along with a statistics system on production and consumption of goods, making empire management a bit easier.

Is this a cool bit of DLC?

Anno 1800

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