The King of Fighters: All Star

The King of Fighters and Tekken 7 cross paths in mobile RPG

A new crossover event is now live in The King of Fighters: All Star, bringing Tekken heroes to the mobile RPG.

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SNK and Bandai Namco has joined forces for a The King of Fighters vs Tekken 7 event, but not as you might be expecting. The crossover is a new event now live in The King of Fighters: All Star, a mobile free-to-play RPG available on iOS and Android platforms.

The crossover will be available up until December 17, allowing players to get a chance to get Heihachi Mishima, Jin Kazama, Kazuya Mishima, Armor King, Ling Xiaoyu, and Paul Phoenix. While Jin Kazama can be obtained via Event Missions, the other characters can be earned in the Tekken Event Dungeon and Super Mission. And of course, you can also get them via monetized loot boxes and the prize wheel.

The King of Fighters: All Star

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