The Division

"The Division won't see release in 2014"

Developer source reveals the game is far from being completed.

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One of our most anticipated titles for 2014, The Division from Ubisoft Massive, now looks like a candidate for release in 2015. Gamereactor has been in touch with a member of the development team over the holidays and learned how far into development is.

Ubisoft have repeatedly stated that the game is coming out towards the end of 2014, something our anonymous source refutes. And it would seem the studio is far from pleased with Ubisoft putting out a date when the game is very far from completion. We have learned that the only thing that is finished is the Snowdrop Engine that powers the game. Very little of the adventure or game world has been built.

"The game engine works well, it's not done but works well. The actual game development has barely started, however," says our source.

"The fact that Ubisoft has gone public with a 2014 release date feels laughable to be perfectly honest, we will never be able to release The Division this year. It's a large project, and we have very far to go."

Ubisoft delayed both Watch Dogs and The Crew, two other large next-gen productions last year and it would now seem likely that The Division is the next big game to be pushed back from its initial optimistic release window.

The Division
The Division
The Division

Original source: Gamereactor Sweden

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