Street Fighter 6

Street Fighter 6 seems to be off to a great start

It instantly set a new record on PC for paid fighting games.

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Street Fighter 6 was released on June 2, which means tons of digital fighters have been beating people up over the weekend. And when we say tons, we mean tons.

As noticed by the analyst Benji-Sales, over 70,000 concurrent gamers (according to SteamDB) was playing Street Fighter 6 on Steam on June 3, which is not just an impressive number regardless of game, but also makes this "by far the biggest launch ever on PC for a paid fighting game". We think this is highly deserved and look forward to see how Capcom will support this game both in the near future and further down the road.

Street Fighter 6
Cammy's classic costume and her new poses has been a hot topic on social media during the weekend.

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