Gears 5

Story expansion confirmed for Gears 5

New Game+ and Xbox Series enhancements are also on the way.

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We have already reported about the impressive upgrades that are being added to Gears 5 when Xbox Series X launches on November 10, with stuff like graphics beating PC on Ultra settings, 120FPS support, and many more features. But The Coalition has even bigger plans.

In December, they are launching a story expansion for the game called Hivebusters that will take up to four hours to play through. Before that, we can also look forward to other content as well with New Game+ and several new skins so you can play with Dave Bautista as Marcus Fenix if you want to (now that's fanservice!).

Check out all this in a brand new trailer you'll find below:

Gears 5

Thanks, IGN.

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