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Sonic Mania

Sonic Mania special stages pay tribute to Saturn

It's a tribute within a tribute if you will.

Sonic Mania itself is a tribute to the early days of Sonic. Gameplay, music and visuals resemble those of the Mega Drive classic bumped to present days with modern techniques. But what about the special stages? Should get roll into a floating maze or run into a pipe to get the chaos emeralds this time?

Sonic Team leader, Takashi Iizuka, introduced the 'new' special stages at the San Diego Comic-Con in the panel Behind-the-Scenes. Sonic will be running and drifting trying to catch an UFO with the emerald. There would be orange and blue spheres uses to buy you more time or up your speed.

Sonic Mania

Celebrating the 26th anniversary of Sonic, Data Disc and Sega will launch the official Sonic Mania Vinyl album in August. Pre-orders are open for the three models each one with a different design, but the same price, £19.99. The game arrives on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch on August 15.

Sonic ManiaSonic Mania