Someone has got the original Fallout working on a 3DS

Why? We're not sure.

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It wouldn't be ridiculous to say that a lot of gamers have probably never played the original Fallout. Developed by Interplay Productions, the game came out in 1994 and all before Bethesda acquired the franchise and turned it into a massively popular and broad RPG.

While you can still pick up and play Fallout on PC through Steam, if you're looking for an additional way to play it, a talented creator has managed to adjust and tailor the game to the Nintendo 3DS.

As discovered by The Gamer, it is the Reddit user Loopuze1 who has achieved the feat. They state: "I've had the first fallout for years, but it's always ran too crappy on my pc and I never get far, but this awesome 3ds port is running great(even if it is a little clunky having to cycle between left and right click with L button). Just have to install it, copy over files from your original, legally purchased copy and you're good to go. Figured this community might appreciate how cool this is!"

Considering the 3DS is an effectively defunct console these days due to no further online store support, it is an unusual way to play the game, but an interesting one all the same.


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