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Sea of Stars

Sea of Stars has been delayed until 2023

But the developer is aiming to release a "playable slice" this year all the same.

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The turn-based RPG that acts as a prequel to The Messenger, Sea of Stars has officially been hit with a delay. As revealed in a statement over Twitter, we're told that the title will no longer be arriving this year, and has instead been pushed until 2023 to ensure that the game meets its promised level of quality.

"As we are closing in on a very big milestone the road to launch becomes clearer, and we find ourselves here with a large body of text and logos at the bottom. Keeping in mind our two main priorities - quality of life for our team and quality of the finished game - we can now confirm that Sea of Stars will be released in 2023."

The statement continues, "We understand waiting is a big ask, and want to sincerely thank our community for the overwhelming support and positive vibes. In the meantime, we are looking at options to get a playable slice out to everyone this year."

When it does arrive, Sea of Stars will launch on PC and consoles.

Sea of Stars

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