Scarlet Nexus

Scarlet Nexus and Astria Ascending have now arrived on Xbox Game Pass alongside Marvel's Avengers

Mighty Goose and Unsighted have also been added.

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Microsoft did state ahead of Tokyo Game Show that no new announcements should be expected, but that wasn't exactly true. During its showcase, it revealed that a pair of big-name JRPGs would be coming to Xbox Game Pass on the very same day. These titles are, of course, Scarlet Nexus and Astria Ascending - two games that were only released this year. They weren't the only titles to be added, as Mighty Goose, AI: The Somnium Files, and Unsighted also joined the subscription-based service.

Also arriving to Game Pass on the same day was Marvel's Avengers. This was something that Microsoft had previously announced, and it follows not too long after the game's major War for Wakanda expansion. In total then, Xbox Game Pass subscribers have six new titles to check out that span across a variety of different genres.

Scarlet Nexus

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