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Satisfactory launches in early access on Epic Games Store

Coffee Stain Studios has even outlined a roadmap of content for the next few months, and provided us with a trailer to introduce us to the concept.

Coffee Stain Studios' Satisfactory has now launched on PC via the Epic Games Stores' early access program, having been in closed alpha since October. What's more is that the studio has also revealed a live development roadmap so fans can see what's coming in 2019.

This is an open-world factory building game for one to four players to enjoy, who can explore an alien planet to create these mysterious factories. As is often the case though, aliens will come to cause some trouble, and you'll need to defend yourself so you can keep building and researching technologies.

Three biomes are available right now, with the whole world offering 30 square kilometres of stuff to see. There are also six tiers of milestones to unlock resources, machines, and equipment, and two new updates are coming in April and May to introduce new milestone tiers, research chains for quarts and sulfur, as well as a train to transport resources.

"Satisfactory offers immense creative freedom for players. Working with the community during the alpha and seeing their amazing and bizarre factories has been an awesome and constantly surprising experience," said Oscar Jilsén, Game Director at Coffee Stain Studios. "The game is far from perfect but we have huge plans moving forward and we're excited to invite players to exploit this beautiful alien planet with us and shape the future of irresponsible space construction!"

Past May though we're due to see further improvements on core gameplay and systems; other milestones and tech unlocks; more buildings, parts, vehicles, and creatures; optimisation; a full narrative; dedicated servers; and mod support.

You can get Satisfactory on the Epic Games Store for £26.99 ($29.95 USD/€29.99), and you can find the full roadmap here. Will you give it a go?

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