Satisfactory from Coffee Stain Studios recieves gameplay trailer

The factory builder is stacking up to be something special

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Coffee Stain Studios - perhaps best known for the wacky and arguably broken Goat Simulator - teased its latest project, Satisfactory, at the PC Gaming Show tonight.

Set on an exotic alien world, the first-person factory builder sees players band together with up to three others to build towering machinery and explore the gorgeous world they find themselves in. The title was first revealed in April and tonight we were treated to a more detailed look which shows some of the factory building in action.

Acknowledging the title's departure from the studio's most famed work dame director Oscar Jilsén said: "People might think that Satisfactory is a million miles away from the games we develop, but we actually started out making FPS-Tower Defence hybrids in the Sanctum series, so we're not all goats and silliness,".

He also explained that: "As a 20 man studio it's a very ambitious undertaking, but one that should hopefully result in a pretty special game that players can get lost in."

Players can now register for the closed alpha at satisfactorygame.com, which we would be encourage you to do soon as Coffee Stain will shortly be selecting players.


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