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Little Big Planet Vita

Sackboy and Marvel's Super Heroes team up on Vita

Original Vita's Little Big Planet coming with "a load of additional Marvel content."

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Tom O'Connor, from the LittleBigPlanet team at Sony XDev in Liverpool, took to the Official PlayStation Blog to announce the Little Big Planet PlayStation Vita Marvel Super Hero Edition. This is a re-launch of the original Sackboy adventure on the PS Vita, imbedded with a lot of Marvel content.

This includes 18 new costumes, based on Marvel's Super Heroes, plus "loads of stickers, decorations, effects and objects to craft your own super hero adventures." There will also be several mini-games and levels based on the Marvel content.

Little Big Planet PlayStation Vita Marvel Super Hero Edition (phew, say that ten times in a row quickly) is coming on November 19th, and will cost €19.99 (there's no UK price revealed as yet, but we're expecting it to be around £14.99).

Little Big Planet Vita
Little Big Planet VitaLittle Big Planet VitaLittle Big Planet Vita

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