Rumour: New Quake to be announced at QuakeCon

The event starts on August 19.

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Quake used to be an absolute beast, setting standards when it comes to first person shooters. Today it's different and the last installation was released 2017, and the franchise just isn't as popular as it used to be. But according to a the insider Shpeshal_Nick, there is a new Quake coming that might change this.

He claimed this in his podcast a few weeks ago, and added that it was being developed by both Id Software (Doom) and MachineGames (Wolfenstein: The New Order). Since then we haven't heard anything more about it, until last night when the official QuakeCon account on Twitter posted the schedule for QuakeCon 2021, which starts on August 19.

If you read it closely, the first main thing after opening QuakeCon, is Id Software and MachineGames celebrating 25 years with Quake. This sounds very much like the Shpeshal_Nick rumour, and he tweeted:

"Orly? Machine and id wanna talk Quake? Starting to think my source on this one might be a good one"

We'll see in six days if he was right in his predictions, but we have to say chances of a new Quake has increased a lot with this suspicious coincidence.

Rumour: New Quake to be announced at QuakeCon

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