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Grand Theft Auto V

Rockstar Games acknowledges security exploits in Grand Theft Auto Online

A number of players are finding their account progression is being reversed and they cannot join games.

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Following evidence being discovered of a potential security breach in GTA Online, Rockstar has issued a statement on its official Twitter account acknowledging the issues and promising to fix them in an upcoming update.

The exploit, as reported on by the Rockstar-focused account Tez2, will allow a modder to take away another user's in-game cash, rank, and reset their account's progression completely.

This is notably similar to the security breaches found in the Dark Souls games recently, which resulted in the servers being taken offline for many months.

Until Rockstar rolls out its new update for GTA Online, many are recommending that you simply shouldn't log onto the game. Of course, not everyone is being affected by these security breaches, but some could lose their entire character progression.

Grand Theft Auto V

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