Tides of Tomorrow

Road 96 developers unveil new asynchronous multiplayer title

Tides of Tomorrow allows you to play and experience a story being shaped by another player.

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We've come to be quite big fans of the indie developer DigixArt thanks to the Road 96 series that they have become known for. With Road 96: Mile 0 launching recently, you might be wondering what the future holds for the team? If so, that was just revealed at the Day of the Devs showcase.

Known as Tides of Tomorrow, this is a very different game to what we're used to from DigixArt even if there are a few familiar elements baked in. This game is dubbed an asynchronous multiplayer narrative adventure game, which effectively means it's an adventure game that is affected by the choices that another player or a streamer is making in their own game.

We're told that Tides of Tomorrow is set in the world of Elynd, a planet that has been devastated by a great flood, leaving the civilians to have to survive while overcoming a plastification disease that is slowly killing all living things. The idea of the story is to find a cure to this disease by exploring floating platforms and speaking with the community, however you will be doing all of this as other players are doing so too, which will force you to adapt on the fly to what could seem like a crazy decision from a stranger.

This no doubt seems like quite the strange setup, but you can get a taste of how this will work in practice in the reveal trailer below and the additional images too.

Tides of Tomorrow
Tides of TomorrowTides of TomorrowTides of Tomorrow

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