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Retail Row returns to Fortnite with amazing prices

Fortnite area Retail Row makes a comeback but you'll have to fight through a horde of demons to reach it.

A new update is now out for Fortnite, introducing further changes to the game's Season X: Out of Time. The highlight for the battle royale mode is the return of Retail Row, replacing Mega Mall via a new rift zone.

This means you can access some amazing prices in Retail Row, but there's a catch - the whole area has been overrun by demons, meaning reaching the bargains might prove tricky.

In Creative Mode, you can now access the World Run, a variant where 16 players will race through a track with traps, lava, and other deadly obstacles. The team to collect 30 coins first wins the race. Epic Games also released B.R.U.T.E. for the Creative mode.

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