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Resogun gets a free update today, Defenders DLC next week

PS4 launch shooter gets new content.

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The Playstation Blog has detailed the upcoming DLC expansions to Finnish developer Housemarque's popular arcade-style shooter Resogun.

A free update called Resogun Challengers will be available later today. According to the blog post it is the largest free update up to date, including a new Challenge and Feats system that awards certain tasks with challenge points for bragging rights and tracks progress over time. It also houses the new in-game Photo and Human gallery modes.

The next paid DLC is called Defenders in honour of the classic shooter of the same name. It will include new Protector and Commando game modes (check out full description below), a new Trophy set and leaderboards. It is part of the Season pass, but can be purchased individually for £3.99.


Protector Mode
"Protector Mode sees you taking to the skies to defend one of the last human colonies remaining. Utilise all new power ups including Super Boost, Teleport and automatic city defences; take down the enemy and deliver as many of the last humans to each city in order to extend your grip on the planet. Protector Mode features an all new planet flip mechanic and environmental hazards such as volcanic meteors to avoid while fighting off the never ending enemy invasion."

Commando mode
"Commando mode lets you play as the Last Human who was left behind. Stranded on a distant planet with only a mini-gun to defend him he takes the fight directly to the Sentients in the ultimate arcade revenge mode. Jump, boost and equip your favourite bandana as you aim to defend your home from waves of enemies, volcanic meteors and more in this all new mode.

What's more is that Commando mode supports both co-operative and competitive multiplayer modes. Team up with a friend to fight the good fight or turn against each other to outsmart your opponent and destroy their house from under their nose. We've named the competitive mode Battle Mode and hope you have as much fun fighting it out with your friends as we have had here."


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