Replaced is still on track for a 2024 release

Sad Cat Studios' stunning game is launching during the second half of the year after a long development process hampered by Russia's war.

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Replaced was announced back in 2021 and immediately got a lot of attention for its spectacular sci-fi pixel design. But since it was unveiled, we've barely seen any signs of life from it other than delays (it's a Belarusian/Ukrainian developer and Russia's war has obviously put a spanner in the works), but last year it was confirmed that it would be released in 2024.

And... it looks like it will. When publisher Thunderful presented its latest financial report yesterday, it listed Replaced's release window as the second half of 2024. So it seems likely that we'll see some signs of life soon, possibly as early as Summer Games Fest or the Xbox Games Showcase in June.

Replaced is coming to PC and Xbox, and is included with Game Pass from day one.


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Replaced delayed until 2024

Replaced delayed until 2024

NEWS. Written by Jonas Mäki

There doesn't seem to be an explanation why, but considering we've not heard about the game in some time it's not necessarily a surprise.

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