Rayman Legends

Rayman Legends Definitive Edition out now on Switch

The famous platformer joins the console's growing library of games.

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Originally released in 2013, the Definitive Edition of Rayman Legends has just been released on Nintendo's new console, the Switch. The game has been specifically adapted to make the best use of the innovative console's
various features.

Set in the enchanted world of Rayman, the game follows the titular hero and his colourful band of friends as they discover a series of captivating and enchanted paintings. The gang must run, jump, and fight their way through each one to save the day and discover each one's secrets.


Four players can team up in local co-op with the Joy-Cons and explore the game together from start to finish, or choose to compete in the now famous Kung Foot mode, which perfectly suits the console.

Rayman Legends

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