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PS5 shipments could double those of Xbox Series X

PlayStation 5 shipments could double the shipments of its prime competitor in the first five years of the console generation according to analysts.

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Sony's PlayStation 5 console is coming out later this year, and we don't know the exact date or the price of this hardware beast. Of course, no one knows at this point, how many units the PlayStation 5 will sell during its lifetime, but we all expect the sales to be good.

Digi Times can now tell, that according to "backend supply chain in Taiwan", the console shipments for PlayStation 5 during these upcoming 5 years are expected to be at least 120 million. This would be about double the amount of what Microsoft's Xbox Series X is expected to sell during that time.

Another estimation is that the life cycle of a console may be shortened from 6-7 years to 5 years.

"The life cycle for household game consoles may be shortened to five years from 6-7 years, and S5 shipments may challenge 120-170 million units when its 5-year cycle expires, compared to 110 million units registered to date for PS4 launched in November 2013."

All of this is just speculation, and you should treat it as such. But still: do you think the PlayStation 5 will sell as much as double the amount of the Xbox Series X during its first 5 years? Leave your comments below.

PS5 shipments could double those of Xbox Series X

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