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Prey 2

Prey 2 dropped from website

Bethesda has nothing new to say.

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The silence surrounding Human Head Studios' Prey 2 has been deafening as of late and when IGN found that the game was no longer listed on Bethesda's re-designed website it added to speculation that the game had been cancelled altogether.

IGN reached out to Bethesda and got the following comment:

"Since we had already announced it wasn't coming out this year and we don't have anything new to say on the game at this time, we simply didn't think it'd be appropriate to include it on the new site launch. We chose instead to focus on the upcoming titles we are talking about."

It was last year admidst rumours of miscontent at the developer and it was even said there was a strike of sorts, that Bethesda the game had been pushed beyond 2012 as the game wasn't measuring up in terms of quality.

Nothing new to say at this time, hopefully there is something new and positive to say about Prey 2 soon, as it certainly looked a promising proposition the last time we saw it.

Prey 2

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