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Grand Theft Auto V

Portuguese police use GTA V to recreate car chase

A rather surprising use for Rockstar's game.

The Portuguese police (PSP), shared a very special video on the force's official Facebook account. This video shows a police officer responding to an occurrence in the world of Grand Theft Auto V, resulting in a chase on the motorway.

The player tries to comply with traffic rules as much as possible, and uses several game mechanics to request air support, reinforcements, and even a tow-truck.

Not everything runs perfectly (especially when the AI police start shooting the criminal when already in handcuffs), but you also need to take into account that the game was not exactly built for this purpose.

Most importantly, this initiative shows a rather curious way for the police force to approach the younger audience with an original promotional initiative.

You can watch the full video here.

Grand Theft Auto V

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