Overwatch players make their own VR rig

Ingenious setup lets students play Blizzard's shooter in virtual reality.

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A group of clever Korean students have built their own virtual reality rig, which enables them to play Overwatch without the need of a controller.

Moving around the arena is achieved by leaning at certain angles, an action that enables them to move in any direction. They can also fire and reload their weapon using a toy gun, and can even smack things in the face by punching the air.

The actual specs of the setup aren't 100% clear because we're not up on our Korean (sorry about that). However, according to Akshon Esports, the rig is made up of a Samsung Gear VR headset, a smartphone, an IMB sensor, an Arduino chip, a button, a ball-bearing, a PC, a motion detection device, and a copy of Overwatch.

If you're wondering where to get the framework for this ingenious setup, the answer isn't IKEA. The framework for the rig is entirely custom built by the students themselves. The end result of this bears a striking resemblance to the Virtuix Omni.

There is one flaw with this rig, though. There is visible lag between the input and what is displayed on screen. Still, it's a remarkable achievement even if we're probably not going to bother making one at home.


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