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Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2's next two heroes will be supports

Blizzard is looking to flesh out the support role and give players more incentives to pick it.

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If you were to load into Overwatch 2 right now, you probably wouldn't want to pick support. From DPS players flaming you for not healing, to your fellow supports deciding the team needs a damage-focused Moira this game, you're not going to have the best time.

This is something Blizzard is looking to fix. In an interview with NME, Overwatch 2's Game Director Aaron Keller has confirmed the game's next two heroes will be supports. "We're really focusing on supports right now," he said. "The next two heroes we're going to be released are support heroes. They bring some things to the game that we haven't seen before - some new mechanics and really exciting ways of interacting with your own team."

It'll be interesting to see the mechanics Keller is clearly hyped about, as there are only so many ways you can make healing your team an interesting thing. Keller also promised that there will be new maps and events coming in 2023 to Overwatch 2 as well.

So far, a lot of fans have criticised the Overwatch 2 events, as even though they bring some interesting game modes like Battle for Olympus, the pricing of their featured skins and the lack of rewards from playing is still enough to put many off.

Overwatch 2

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