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Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2 executive producer responds to fan backlash

"We on the OW leadership team didn't make the decision lightly."

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After Blizzard announced it was canning the Overwatch 2 PvE mode it had promised way back in 2019, fans weren't happy to say the least. Now an executive producer for the game has responded to that backlash, trying to give some clarification on what will actually be coming.

Jared Neuss said in a series of tweets that essentially although Hero Mode and Talents will be cut from the game, story content is still on the way alongside some other PvE experiences. He also stated that the PvE development has been a problem for years, and that the team will go into more detail on the next Director's Take. His full statement reads as follows below:

"A clarification that I wanted to make is that, while we made the decision to cut Hero Mode + Talents, we have a lot of great PvE content coming this year. Big story missions, new cinematics, co-op events and single player Hero Mastery missions are all on the way. I also want to acknowledge that today has been a challenging day for many of us in the Overwatch community - players and developers alike. We understand that today's news about the scope of PvE is frustrating. We on the OW leadership team didn't make the decision lightly. We love the world of Overwatch and have many new stories to tell. Moving in this direction gives us confidence that we can tell those stories, albeit in a different way than we originally communicated. Our next Director's Take blog will be out on Friday with more context. I've seen speculation that the changes to PvE scope on Overwatch 2 are related to Blizzard's RTO policy. For the record, that isn't true. Managing PvE and PvP development simultaneously has been a challenge for the team for years. It's a less exciting headline but it's reality. We'll go into a bit more historical detail in the next Director's Take. I hope that the additional context can shed some light on why we made this decision."

Even with Neuss' statement, and the fact that Overwatch 2 will be getting some PvE content down the road, it's hard to not feel as though a feature is being canned that the game sorely needed to justify itself as a sequel.

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Overwatch 2

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